The Portable Furnace Periscope

The water cooled Furnace Periscope has proved invaluable in the glass, ceramic and power industries where, in the interest of safety and economy, regular inspections of the interiors of furnaces, glass tanks, kiln linings, burner blocks, burner and flame conditions, is essential.

Simple to use, reliable and portable, the Furnace Periscope can be used in all locations where suitable apertures are available.

The focusing eyepiece allows viewing from close up to infinity.  With a field of view of approximately 33 degrees the periscope is designed to give both direct forward and right angle viewing.  Adapters can be supplied to suit most digital or CCTV cameras.

The diameter of periscope is approximately 41mm and the standard effective length is 1220mm, however, other lengths can be made to order.

  portable furnace periscope